I have a compulsory need to create. I favor physically demanding processes requiring time and attention. In all of my works the body plays an important role, whether visually represented to varied degrees of completion, implicitly traced through time consuming methods, or implied by the function of the object. My slow and deliberate creation opposes the mass-produced, rapidly assembled, digitization of western culture and expresses belief in the greater value and warmth conveyed by items through prolonged handling. I choose primarily natural materials in response to the rapidly growing climate crisis and reflecting my connection to the earth and body. I stubbornly create using antiquated techniques that require great energy and time, imbuing each step with love, devotion, and deliberate movements to imbue my objects with power. My completed objects elicit a visceral and emotional response - they call to the viewer. Each object engages in a dialogue with the viewer's memory of past experiences to evoke an engaged response. I present both discomfort and comfort to the viewers to catalyze their emotional reactions and foster opportunity to reflect on how they participate, or are subjected to, the emotional responses presented.

I create from my experiences as a generationally poor, punk identified woman who has never fit the gendered expectations of society. Working from these cultural experiences my concepts exhibit ideas of representation, beauty in the everyday, the value of craft, and a defiant way of living outside of the status quo. My work employs a variety of practices and mediums often viewed as disparate, while through my concepts and handling I work to create parity in my practice.