Presenting the relics of time, space, and potential, I work in assiduous processes to create emotionally charged objects that represent the body in all of its forms of completion. My objects and concepts are representations of the body’s physical and emotional experience of life as lived in all of its potential: a life of corporeal and cerebral connectedness, a celebration of organic materials, and a longing to slow down in a time of exponential expedience. My practice lies at the crossroads of a multitude of seemingly disparate paths that I weave together to fill in a sense of conflicting emptiness. I reject the vapid, planned obsolescence of commercialism, digital reproduction, and artificial intelligence as I lean into the preciousness of the legacy natural materials and objects bring to my thoughtfully created works. My creative process and the works I produce aspire to persuade the viewer to take respite from our superficial reality to grasp the allure of the human condition and the vast expanse of time.